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White Rabbit is one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World. It is a white recolor of RWQFSFASXC.


White Rabbit has a similar appearance to RWQFSFASXC, but is colored white instead of black and the eyes are made entirely black with no irises, causing them to look like empty eye-sockets.


Basic blue tackle attackDeals large amounts of damage to a single party member.
Stuns all party members for a few seconds.


  • White Rabbit is the only enemy in Pinwheel Funhouse (excluding the two bosses, Bubba and Gold Endo) that wasn't originally in FNaF World: Halloween Edition.
  • White Rabbit is one of three enemies to lack irises, the others being Meringue and Scott Cawthon.
    • Unless the flat character is counted, the fourth would be Jangle.
  • White Rabbit is one of three enemies that share recolored playable characters' appearances; two others are Redbear and Tangle.

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