Probably Scott will not make Update 3, I have some speculations. Also you can write your theories in comments!

  • New characters:
  1. Nightmare Mangle
  2. Golden Headdy (Golden Freddy's Giant Head)
  3. Circus Baby
  4. Funtime Freddy
  5. Funtime Foxy
  6. Ballora
  7. Ennard
  8. Bidybab
  9. Minireena
  10. Yenndo
  11. Lolbit
  12. Electrobab
  13. Minireena 2
  14. Bonnet
  15. PinkGuy
  16. Tyke (Chipper's Son)

There will be 2 new rows of characters!

  • New Attacks (look up to see numbers of characters):
  1. Unscrew 2, Jumpscare 3, Bubble Breath
  2. Flying, Jumpscare, Haunting
  3. Mic Toss, Pretend, Ice Cream
  4. Bon-Bon, Scream, Mic Toss
  5. Jumpscare 2, Twitching, Cosmic Song
  6. Dance, Jumpscare, Cosmic Song
  7. Pretend, Scopping, Jumpcare 3
  8. Hide-n-Seek, Jumpscare, {MORE_COMING_SOON}

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