Were you looking for its stronger counterpart, Supergoon?
Seagoon is one of several bosses encountered in FNaF World.


Seagoon, oddly enough, has a appearance similar to that of a cephalopod, with a large head and purple tentacles. It has an upper set of teeth, bumps on the top of it's head and nostrils, and blackish eyes with white pupils along with sinister big eyebrows. Since Seagoon's boss fight takes place in the water, there are waves under it.


Basic blue bash attackDeals medium damage to a single party member.
Kills all party members under 30% health.


  • Seagoon has a stronger counterpart named Supergoon.
  • Seagoon is found roaming around Lilygear Lake randomly, like any other enemy.
  • Seagoon, due to his random appearances, has a chance to start a battle when the player receives notice that a challenger is approaching. This will prevent the player from being able to fight the challenger if Seagoon initiates battle before the challenger does.
  • Seagoon is one of the five bosses that are considered optional bosses, since the player doesn't need to defeat it to complete the story. The other four being Auto Chipper, Eyesore, Mad Endo and Gold Endo.
    • However, due to the fact that Seagoon appears at random, if it appears, the player will have no other option than defeat it to proceed in the game. The same happens with Gold Endo.