The Pinwheel Funhouse is an area in FNaF World. It connects to Pinwheel Circus, by going into the green tent (purple in earlier versions) after the Browboy fight.



Pinwheel Funhouse is the final area in the game, which is composed of secret areas in the previous worlds. This world is a maze full of purple tents which teleports the player to another tent, although they never lead you back to the same tent. Fake walls must be traversed to get to Bubba, Fredbear, and Porkpatch at the end.


Pinwheel Funhouse now boasts glowing orbs similar to those in Pinwheel Circus, as well as a distorted map view similar to that of a curved funhouse mirror. How the area is distorted changes every time the player enters the area, leaves a customization screen, or completes a battle.

Points of Interest

  • A single chip can be found in this Area.
    • Counter-Bite: After the fight with Bubba, enter the tent behind him, then the first one straight down, and through a false wall to the left.
  • After listening to 8-bit Fredbear, after finding the way out, a Clock can be found here.
  • At the end of the Funhouse, the final glitch object will appear here, after talking to Fredbear. This will lead to Porkpatch, who guards the key to the buttons guarding Security.
    • If the player does it right, this will lead to the 4th glitch level, which the player can either get two endings.



White Rabbit


Gold Endo





  • The enemies and bosses, excluding Bubba and Porkpatch, appear to be recolors of Mangle, Shadow Freddy, RWQFSFASXC, and Mad Endo.
  • The background of the battlefield appears to be a inverted version of Pinwheel Circus's battlefield.
  • At random chance when moving or sitting idle, a golden version of Mad Endo will attack known as Gold Endo.
    • This is one of two areas where a battle can start while the player is not moving, the other being Lilygear Lake and its boss, Seagoon.
  • In the first room, the player may see an Auto Chipper to the right. This is because the first room actually takes place in Fazbear Hills. If the Auto Chipper is defeated in Fazbear Hills, and then you go back to Pinwheel Funhouse, the Auto Chipper will not be there.
  • This place, along with Pinwheel Circus, is often used for "farming" characters, Exp, and Faz Tokens.

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