Old Man Consequences is a character found in the Fourth Glitch Ending.


Old Man Consequences is a red colored 8-bit NPC. He has what appears to be large teeth and a head shaped somewhat like that of a crocodile. He holds a fishing rod much larger than himself with no hook. He seems to have gotten his name because he had to take the consequences of something.


When the player enters the 4th level, they will have to talk to Old Man Consequences, or take the "Drowning Ending" instead, when they talk to him, he will say:

Sorry to say you have gone too deep into the code. There is no way back out. My name is Old Man Consequences. Come have a seat, and let's fish for a while. You have no where else to go.
— Old Man Consequences, Fourth Level Ending

After this, the text box will simply say "the end" in all lowercase.



  • His minigame sprite looks somewhat similar to Redbear.
  • His name might be a reference to the fact that the player has ignored Fredbear's warning, and must now face the consequences.

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