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  • i'm genuinely curious since sheena's account seems to have been disabled for almost two years

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    • It was back then when she was still active. I have been told that there are none of those FNaF information beside the core series link at the top of the character's articles.

      Respect her rules as she founded this wikia just for FNaF World's sake.

      You can also ask FNaF Staffs in FNaF Wikia and see if they tell you the same thing I kept saying. It's all in the matter of respecting their works.

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  • The Differences between FFPS and The Fourth Closet

    1. Circus Baby was created by Henry to be adult version of Charlie

    2. Susie, Jeremy, Cassidy, Charlie and Fritz appears in the game before appearing in the book

    3. Circus Baby and William are both die in the book

    4. Michael Afton/Purple Guy and Michael Brooks are two different characters

    5. The source code for Scottgames, actually explain why Elizabeth/Circus Baby separated from the other funtime animatrionics

    6. In the book, Circus Baby die to Charlie after Charlie use Henry's suicide robot to stab herself and Elizabeth

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    • And alternative on your first answer - if Bonnie's remains survived, Scraptrap would have either a blue head or black, charcoal version instead, which is useless regardless. Again, Springtrap's original looks seemed fine after he burned Fazbear's Fright down so why bother?

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    • I asked vern and he said, "go with that". It's easy just to asking instead of bashing my face with all those evidences without any proof. Same thing go for your friends, DerpArmy and LewisMCYouTube.

      I changed the Bite of '87 into the Bite of '83 on both Fredbear articles.

      So rest of the logics that we had argued about - it's me. It's on my profile. It represented who I am and what I believed in. Be grateful that I let the Bite of '83 slip in on this Wikia, but for me, it's still The Bite of '87 regardless the change.

      So why bother fighting on me to change them. It's how I see the series in that way. You also should be grateful to Sheena for put me in Nightmare suit and left me in there for a century that I can't come back to FNaF Wikia other than to answer the comments on my Talk Page.

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  • 1) The credits of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, aka FNaF 6, states that Springtrap is William Afton. After the fire of Fazbear Fright, William used parts from animatronics and animatronic suits like Spring Bonnie (possibly the FNaF 4 Spring Bonnie head) to repair himself. Like Springtrap himself says in FFPS, "You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you, it's still me".

    1.1) Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator is FNaF 6, according to both the save file (%AppData%/MMFApplications/FNAF 6) and HandUnit/TutorialUnit's voice actor, who has stated the game's full title is "Five Nights at Freddy's 6: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator" (source). Scott himself even called the game Five Nights at Freddy's 6 in job postings for Ultimate Custom Night (source).
    1.2) You made a good point in your response to Dreyga47 concerning FFPS taking place in the book's canon, but there are several reasons, some of which you point out yourself, why this cannot be the case. For example, Ballora, who did not appear in the novels, being part of Molten Freddy/Ennard, as seen in the blueprints. Or Henry being strongly implied to exist in the game universe as Cassette Man, alive, despite commiting suicide in the books. I could list more good reasons, but that would involve TFC spoilers.
    1.3) FNaF 6's connection to the other games is shown clearly in the final cutscene of the Completion ending, where images of minigames in FNaF 4 and FNaF 2, and even a picture of the pizzeria from FNaF 1, can be seen. The name of the audio file in the Insanity ending ('HRY223') implies that the game takes place in or after 2023, which is when FNaF 3 is theorized to take place. You had said in your response to my earlier post that FFPS looked like the 1990s, and while I personally don't see how Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place looks more like the 1990s than the 2020s, it would likely appear that way because the whole location was designed as a trap for the animatronics, designed to look like the old FNaF locations. You could say that the dial-up sounds while doing the tasks show outdated technology, but this system was likely designed by Henry/Cassette Man to increase the time spent in the office and add more noise to the enviroment - after all, you can't really unclog toilets or clean ovens with a computer.
    1.4) In your response, you tried to prove that FNaF 6 couldn't take place in the game canon using Candy Cadet's stories, of all things. As hilarious as this idea is (you yourself describe it as "broke-down"), I'm still going to go ahead and disprove that idea using simple logic: Candy Cadet wasn't talking about the missing children incident. The two main problems with this idea are that: the incident was supposed to be related to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which the stories are not, and that Candy Cadet tells multiple stories, all but one of which involve 5 children dying. Are there supposed to be two missing children incidents? That sounds like a load of baloney, especially coming from a candy-dispensing robot (a source even less reliable than arcade machines, one of which tells the story of one of William's murders).

    2) FNaF World's loading screen for Springtrap states 'Still a killer'. While it's true that FNaF World is non-canon, it is based on the main games - like Crying Child's loading screen states 'Still sad', Springtrap's states 'Still a killer'. Of course, if you believe that Michael was the older brother in the Foxy mask, you could argue that Michael had still killed someone, which (although this point is mostly invalidated by the phasing Still a killer, you could just say that FNaF World is fully non-canon, if you believe that UCN is non-canon, which is another topic) brings me to my other points.

    3) Springtrap couldn't have been Michael because Springtrap was sealed in the safe room the whole time, while Michael (and we know Eggs is Michael thanks to the final custom night cutscene) was in the Sister Location getting scooped. You could argue that Michael was springlocked after Sister Location, but that begs the question of why Michael was in the FNaF1 location, dismantling the animatronics, and only then gives his speech after that. All this is even more unlikely if you believe MikeVictim, which I doubt you do anyway.

    4) The only reason anyone believed (and I say believed because nobody except you is stubborn enough to still believe in Miketrap) Michael was Springtrap was because of the custom night cutscenes in SL. The thing is, all the other cutscenes in the custom night take place a day after the previous, so the idea that suddenly the cutscenes have a time-skip of a week or more makes no sense.

    5) Michael says 'I should be dead, but I'm not' in the Golden Freddy cutscene, and if he was Springtrap, he would be dead - surely Michael, who is knowlegable in animatronics haunted by dead kids, would understand what had occured to him (especially considering "My name is Springtrap", proving that Springtrap knows he's Springtrap, if that makes sense). Springtrap doesn't sound like a name Michael would come up with, a more likely message would be "Help I'm an animatronic". Purple Guy is even seen laughing at the spirits while in the suits, which is completely out of character for Mike.

    6) When Purple Guy (the one that's not really purple, who goes by William Afton) gets into the Springtrap suit, he bleeds. Corpses don't bleed. Not too hard to understand.

    7) In this Steam announcement posted by Scott Cawthon, he stated "You know, when I released the first game over a year ago, I was amazed at how quickly everyone found every bit of lore and story. Then the same happened with part 2, fans and youtubers dug in and found everything. Game Theory did an incredible video on part 2; getting almost everything right. Then part 3 came out, and once again the story was uncovered by the community. It seemed that there was nothing I could hide!". Seems like an odd thing for Scott to say if the community had mistaken Springtrap's identity. At the time, everyone knew there was one Purple Guy (because Will hadn't became the second Purple Guy yet) and he was the killer, so the only explanation for this is a retcon, and it makes no sense for there to be such a radical retcon vs what we had known for ages now. As long as you believe in Bite of 83' and Willtrap, there are basically no plot holes or possible retcons after FNaF 3, versus quite a few in the case of Bite of 87' and Miketrap. Not to mention that FNaF 4 was supposed to be the last FNaF game, and we had no reason to believe that Michael Afton was ever in an animatronic suit until SL.

    7.1) Scott Cawthon himself has confirmed that Willtrap is true on reddit. If animdude (who is marked by the moderators as the real Scott) really was just a fake, Scott would've seen all the 'fake' posts spreading (especially this), and put a stop to it. Anyway, you yourself say on your profile to only trust, but fail to believe it yourself. If you've read to the very bottom of this, and still think that animdude on reddit is fake, then I'm afraid you're just in denial of the truth.

    One other thing: In an earlier reply, you stated that you believe Sister Location is the only game that takes place in 1983. However, HandUnit states that Sister Location takes place after the closure of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. There are two 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizza' locations, and we know the FNaF 2 location had a paycheck in 1987. Phone Guy mentioned the Bite of 87' in FNaF 1, meaning it's impossible for FNaF 5 to take place in 1983. Also, your timeline is a mess, asking for a  Five Nights at Freddy's: Afton Finale, but then ignoring the Five Night's at Freddy's afton finale because it conflicts with Miketrap, which has been confirmed false by Scott himself for years now, and will most likely be confirmed false again in the Dawko interview. What even is 'Spring Puppet', besides your headcanon?

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    • Then tell me that the victims' spirits of "Missing Children Incident" are lie/make things up as well.

      Beside being used for "Save Slot"? He didn't even mention "FNaF6" at all in the interview. You're wasting my time and posts.

      The only way to get me change my mind is to ask either Sheena or vern - they're the only users I can trust to change the information on FNaF World. Until further notice, this discussion is finished and the informations stay the way they are right now.

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    • Okay. The victims' spirits of "Missing Children Incident" are lie/make things up as well. That's not true (as far as we know), and there's no reason to believe it is, but you asked me to tell you it, so I did.

      And it doesn't matter what the game is called. He referred to Sister Location as "Sister Location", not FNaF 5. It's obvious at this point that you're just saying nonsense to try to detract from the point.

      Not that it matters. This conversation is over, so goodbye.

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  • I've asked Sheena now to stop you whining about that.

    You're using my lack of edits to assume I don't know about FNaF / FNaF World which is a false premise as someone doesn't have to be part of a website to be a part of the game. Your 'proof' that the bite happened in 1987 is all speculation as your backup to it being that year is being a beliver in Miketrap and the presence of what may be toys of the toys in the minigames. These may be figures of the toys but who's to say that makes it 1987. Figures of the toys dont just vanish during a non 1987 year. You say I'm ignoring your ideas and bashing you with false information while you refuse to believe Scott's word because of the site he posted it on and keep using speculation and unconfirmed ideas to back you up. With 1983 I have the proof of the TV in the minigames, Scott confirming it on reddit (It is his confirmed, real account so stop saying its a fake) and along with that I have the FNaF 4 page on the FNaF wiki backing me up. I've put a message on Sheena's wall to get Sheena to hopefully look at the proof and back it up due to your misconception that one time being proven wrong by them is solid proof that they can prove anyone wrong / know more than FNaF than them.

    With all laid out before you take some time to read it and know that no, I wont show you respect until you can look at what I am providing without ignoring what doesn't support your argument.

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    • It's because I didn't hear the response from Sheena's post, and you proved with nothing.

      And it stays that way until I see the response. "Hard Evidence" is a best friend of mine.

      C'mon, see Nightmare Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 pre-released screen? See that brightened version? What number was in his right eye (his usual eyepatch one)? Was it 83? Or was it 87?

      If it's 87, then that's my hard evidence right there. It's already written in the stone. And yes, it's a straight line, fading but it's there.

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    • And also, it was this user that put "Weak" in that line at first. But, it's understand if you can try that against the "hoard" of bosses all together.


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  • 1) The lower jaw of its' main head is hanging loosely, which I think suggests that its' mouth had to be pryed off of...something. Thus damaging its' lower jaw.

    2) Its' main head also has lots of jagged metal teeth. Gee those sure do look like they would cause some serious damage if they were to pierce human flesh. Don't you think?

    3) Mangle's jumpscare animation from FNAF 2 even involves it swooping down at you with its' mouth wide open most likely getting ready to take a bite out of our head. Oh wait a minute, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. Not to us, but to our dear friend nighttime Security Guard Jeremy Fitzgerald some months before the gameplay of FNAF 2 when he was moved to the dayshift.

    4) And yes, I know that the paycheck that we get at the end of the week has the name "Jeremy Fitzgerald" on it, but I'm pretty sure that at the time of FNAF 2's release, Scott didn't have the clearest picture of where the the story was gonna go. So at the time of FNAF 2's release, we are Jeremy Fitzgerald, but according to the latest games in the series, we are playing as Michael Afton. The guy who got scooped in the prior events of Sister Location and is now being worn as a flesh suit by Ennard until right before FNAF 6 when his body becomes too deteriorated and Ennard ejects itself. Thus prompting this cutscene

    Oh, and I read some of the messages on your wall and saw that you're a strong believer of Miketrap. Upon seeing this I thought "How? How can you believe Miketrap? It doesn't make any sense." In FNAF 6 Springtrap is literally called William Afton, and his voice sounds way different than Michael's. How can they be the same person? 

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    • 1-2) Mangle just attacked Jeremy. But it wasn't the culprit for The Bite of '87.

      3) It was Fredbear that was the tool biting the victim at that time. Mangle just attack from the ceiling - but not anymore as seen in Ultimate Custom Night, which its attacked you in normal way like other animatronics did.

      3/4) Jeremy survived it and got away with it. So was the protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 3, who also survived the horror and got away when Fazbear's Fright was set ablaze. So not same person as that kid that died in the Novel. And yes, Michael Afton became Purple Guy in 1983, which born as the legend before the event of Five Nights at Freddy's 4, which set at same time as Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - 1987.

      5) "Freddy Fazbear's Simulator Pizzeria", which you fan-called it as "FNaF6" is connected to the Novel more than to the other games (FNaF1-4 and Sister Location). Why?

      5.1) Circus Baby wasn't supposed to be separate from Ennard. If you read the Novel - Circus Baby/Elizabeth Afton stays in one piece and Ennard wasn't exist at all. Yes, Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy also existed, but no Ballora. Ballora was essential animatronic that Ennard needed to merging.
      5.2) Michael Afton existed in the canon games, yet he wasn't anywhere in the Novel. Michael Brooks does exist, but died prior the storyline and became "Ghost Freddy"/"Fredbear" during "The Silver Eyes" novel.
      5.3) Molten Freddy existed in Freddy Fazbear's Simulator Pizzeria, only combined of Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy. Of course Ballora was there, but we never see her at all. Not in the game (FFPS) nor in the Novel (The Fourth Closet).
      5.4) Springtrap in FNaF3 and FNaF:SL is Michael Afton. Scraptrap in FFPS is indeed William Afton. Therefore, they are different, separate persons. If we went with UCN, then yes, they are completely separate. The reason why Springtrap had Scraptrap included in the UCN tabber was because they were the same "hybrid suit" before they changed into "Springtrap"/"Scraptrap" - "Spring Bonnie".

      Again, not matter - MikeTrap exists. The Bite of '87 exists. The Novels separated from the first five canon games.

      I believe that MikeTrap is existing but only in the canon games. Yes, I also believe in WillTrap, but that's for the Novels only, included FFPS (or FNaF6 as you fan-called it).

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    • FredCat100 wrote:

      I believe that MikeTrap is existing but only in the canon games. Yes, I also believe in WillTrap, but that's for the Novels only, included FFPS (or FNaF6 as you fan-called it).

      FFPS is officially called FNaF 6 in the save file, like Sister Location was called FNaF 5.

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    • LewisMCYoutube wrote:

      FredCat100 wrote:

      I believe that MikeTrap is existing but only in the canon games. Yes, I also believe in WillTrap, but that's for the Novels only, included FFPS (or FNaF6 as you fan-called it).

      FFPS is officially called FNaF 6 in the save file, like Sister Location was called FNaF 5.

      "in the save file" is hardly a source to make FFPS "FNaF6". So not true.

      Is Scraptrap looks like Springtrap? I begged the difference. Look at the head, look at the teeth (mask teeth, actually), hence, look at him. Springtrap (Miketrap) and Scraptrap (William Afton, as credit referred him) are complete different from each other.

      FFPS is the concluding episode of the Novels since we didn't know what happened to Elizabeth Afton after she left Charlotte in the dust at end of "The Fourth Closet". We also didn't see what happened to "Spring Bonnie's" remains after Charlotte's friend kicked it beside prior her escape from the prison with 5 kids.

      In addition to that; the original five victims were already killed by William Afton's hands. Then explain to me how that dang Candy Cadet told the different story about the victims' death? That broke-down robot said that the woman had five keys and all kids were in their own room, locked. It told that she had to pick the right key to free 1 kid, leaving other to their death and she chose to melt and merge all five keys into one, believing that it would work to unlock ALL rooms. In the end, it failed and the kids died anyways.

      The reason why I counted Sister Location - it's because of Purple Guy. That made Sister Location set in 1983 in the timeline. While FNaF4/FNaF2 are set in 1987 because of paycheck, also toy animatronics got scrapped because of malfunction. Why is that? Mangle appears in FNaF4, "pulled apart and put together", and Nightmare Freddy had 3 Freddles stalking the victim of '87. Otherwise, how can you explain that Mangle's outrage on Jeremy, and later Fritz, in FNaF2? Tell me that it's not Freddy's mask that snapped this animatronic all over the place, please!

      Again, if FFPS is set after FNaF3, then tell me why they looks like it's still in 1990's, if FNaF3 is set in 2020's or later?

      Actually, FFPS is placed in year 1995, right after those events in The Fourth Closet, not after all those messes in the five canon games (FNaF1~4/Sister Location).

      Therefore, FNaF6 is the fan-name you called it. Not canon known as "FNaF6". It's Freddy Fazbear's Simulator Pizzeria, AKA FFPS.

      Now shut up and get either Sheena or vern's response about The Bite of '87/The Bite of '83 changes this instantly! Don't you dare steering this discussion off topic again!

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  • Sheena and Vern don't give out the proof of what's real/fake in FNaF. That account is CONFIRMED to be scott's. Why not just remove that trivia altogether seeing as it's irrelevant to FNaF world.

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    FredCat100 closed this thread because:
    Again, ask Sheena or vern to confirm it. Until further notice, it stay as "The Bite of '87".
    08:02, August 3, 2018
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    • It's because I am an Aries. Stubborn is one of my traits, yes.

      The message of Phone Guy mentioned in FNaF2 was the solid proof. Also, Toy Animatronics got scrapped at end of FNaF2.

      During the event of FNaF4, while the victim was still alive (before his birthday, apparently), Toy animatronics were presented, making that game set in 1987.

      Why? FNaF2 had a paycheck that is set in 1987.

      Therefore! The Bite of '87. End of the discussion.

      The reason why I trusted vern and Sheena?

      vern proved me wrong when I first thought FNaF2 was sequel in both game order and storyline. He proved me wrong because of the paycheck at end of the Night 5 and Night 6. Ergo, FNaF2 is prequel in the storyline, but still sequel in the order of game release.

      Sheena was the one reined me and made sure that I behaved. And yes, she's younger than I am, and that's why I put my trust in her for make sure I was doing the proper ways.

      Reddit? False information, false accounts, impersonating users, etc. Too many stuffs that can destroy the trusts.

      Therefore, I chose to listen to vern's and Sheena's words over the proof of Reddit site. Also, I believed in the Hard Evidences, which coming from the courts, where the evidences have proved direction to the verdicts.

      Reddit have nothing but weak theories, which are full of speculations. That's what I learned through my time on Wikia.

      The Bite of '87 > The Bite of '83.

      Until further notice.

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    • Plus, you're a newcomer. I have know both Sheena and vern for 4~5 years.

      In other words, I can't trust your harsh decision on which numbers they must be typing down.

      Plus, I am strongly believer of MikeTrap and The Bite of '87. Which supported the reason why I refuse your argument.

      And if you wanted me to change my mind, just do as I offered - go and ask either Sheena or vern, retrieve the answer (either Yes or No), and proved it with either the link to the thread you gave the question and get the response OR photograph that post with the question you asked and linked it to me, either way does work. And if you have done that, I will change my mind and behavior as well as to allow the number to become 83. But right now, you're defecting my offer and bashing my face with the false information and the false links.

      Show some respect, please.

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  • That's Scott's official reddit account. Also your proof that it is '87?

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    FredCat100 closed this thread because:
    No more discussion or change the articles until you get the confirmations from either Sheena or vern.
    17:32, August 2, 2018
    • Again, it's full of theories - which Sheena and vern confirmed that THEORIES are speculation.

      So sorry, but no. Reddit is hideous site to accept the truth.

      Sister Location is the only game that set in 1983, FNaF4 and FNaF2 in 1987 considered the kids went missing and the Bite of '87 occurred on same year.

      Then FNaF1 set in 1992~6 based on paycheck.

      And this brought us to FNaF3 in 2022~6 because it confirmed it was set 30 years after Freddy's Pizzeria closed.

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    • The point is scott confirmed the theory

      "Sister Location is the only game that set in 1983, FNaF4 and FNaF2 in 1987 considered the kids went missing and the Bite of '87 occurred on same year."

      Also how is that proof

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    • Also, the reason why I refuse to trust Reddit's stuffs. One reason!

      I didn't registered my own account name in that site, yet someone robbed my username and registered it in there.

      Proof? Confirmed. My name on Reddit was stolen.

      Therefore, Reddit is a hideous site to be trusted. Denied. So I don't care about that site. If you really want me to accept "The Bite of '83" bullcrap, talk to either Sheena (the founder of this wikia) or vern (the founder of FNaF Wikia, which based on canon games, and couple spin-off versions (FFPS and UCN, which are not canon to the first 5)). They were the only one proved me wrong in the past, therefore they are the only source I can trust.

      Ergo, the Bite of '87 stays until further notice.

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  • "The game is a prequel to Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and takes place in 1983, chronologically being the first game in the series."

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    FredCat100 closed this thread because:
    Reddit Post - waste of the time.
    14:42, August 2, 2018
    • Not Sheena's response, and I don't trust Reddit's trash posts.

      Therefore, that's fake. And you're just waste the time and edits. 1987 is it!

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  • I need your help to help me on this new wiki about Night Shift at Freddy's Remastered can you add characters if you have time here is the link to the game and wiki

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    FredCat100 closed this thread because:
    Request Thread, closed to prevent any further "Requests" to throw at me.
    21:14, July 27, 2018
  • You can't say that FNaF 6 (FNaF: Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator) is apart of the Novel timeline, FNaF: The Fourth Closet disproves it

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    FredCat100 closed this thread because:
    The argument getting weaker and weaker as it went on. FFPS is noncanon. End of discussion.
    17:00, July 4, 2018
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    • FredCat100 wrote:
      Well, then why are they (both Scraptrap (AKA WillTrap) and Springtrap) are after you if WillTrap hate Mike?

      William Afton/Springtrap is going through hell and facing everyone he has murdered including his demons in the form of Springtrap and William Afton/Scraptrap

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    • That's just... weird way to word that. If he's crazy, then he just have dead in the prison.

      Discussion end here. You have nothing to prove any better than this. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator is official known as Non-Canon to me.

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