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Not what you were looking for? See Endo (disambiguation).

Mendo is an endoskeleton exclusive to FNaF World. It is the owner of Mendo's Endo-Upgrades, a store located in Fazbear Hills that sells items which raise the player's party's defense.


Mendo's appearance appears to be a blue recolor of Endo-01, having bigger arms, a yellow/orange antennae, a green button at its chest, and black eyes with yellow pupils.



  • Mendo is one of the two store owners in the game, the other being Lolbit.
  • Mendo appears to be made out of Titanium.
  • In the 2D overworld, Mendo's eye and antenna color appear to be orange in its overworld sprite, but yellow in its 3D form.
    • It is likely that Mendo's eye and antenna color in the 2D overworld is some type of yellow.

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