Mechrab is one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World. It is very common to encounter in Fazbear Hills, and can often be the first enemy to encounter.


Mechrab is similar in appearance to a hermit crab. There is a large, spiraled pink shell with an antennae with a red ball on top. Underneath there is a metal body consisting of two large eyes and six legs.


Basic lightning attackDeals low damage to a single party member.



  • Mechrab is likely a combination of the words "mechanical" and "crab".
  • A golden Mechrab was seen in the first trailer for the game, however it seems to have since been removed at some point.
    • This could mean that Mechrab was originally going to be golden, but it was later changed to pink. This could also be a "money" enemy, like Goldmine and Gold Endo.

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