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Feeling empty inside.
— Jack-O-Chica's Loading Screen

Jack-O-Chica is an unlockable character added to the Update 1.2 for FNaF World. She can be unlocked after beating Foxy Fighters normally.


Jack-O-Chica is a re-skin of Nightmare Chica to resemble her appearance in the Halloween Edition of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. She carries a yellow pumpkin on the corrected hand, like her original core series character.


HauntingSummons a ghostly Freddy Fazbear that has a possibility of freezing an opponent for a short time.
Jack-O-BombsThrows large amounts of pumpkins at the enemies, doing massive damage multiple times.
BuzzsawatkThrows a buzzsaw at enemies that does incredibly high damage.


Jack-O-Chica is an extremely powerful character. She has Haunting that can prevent a single target from attacking for a while.

Her attack, Jack-O-Bomb can throw groups of pumpkins that can do thousands of damage to enemies. She also has Buzzsaw that can do incredible damage to targets across of her that ranges from 999-9900 Buzzsaw can also destroy Chica's Magic Rainbow minions, but the best way to do that is to play her in the 4th Spot of whatever party in order to destroy all the Chica's Magic Rainbow minions that is across her.





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After the Halloween update, our code was recycled to make other spin-off games. Oh, the indignity!


  • Jack-O-Chica is the only version of Chica to be seen bearing a completely different object instead of a Cupcake.
  • Jack-O-Chica's bio for her loading screen is referring to her and Jack-O-Bonnie being jack-o-lantern versions of themselves.
  • Nightmare Chica (as Jack-O-Chica) is one of two nightmare animatronics to receive a recolored variant for FNaF World, the other being Nightmare Bonnie (as Jack-O-Bonnie).
  • Her attack animation is identical to Toy Chica's, only that Jack-O-Chica holds the item in a different hand.
    • Jack-O-Chica also doesn't blink at all, and it was likely due to the lack of eyes. Same applies to Jack-O-Bonnie.
  • Her attack colors matched her physical appearance; Yellow for the candle light, orange for her beak and her talons.


  • If the ones look at the idle animation, the nail of her thumb is clipping though her right thigh.
  • When the enemies have been defeated in a battle, and Jack-O-Chica uses the Jack-O-Bomb attack, The victory screen will not appear until the attack is over.
    • The same applies to Jack-O-Bonnie.
  • When she is squatting down in her attack animation, her waist appears to clip into her thigh.