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The hard mode button.

Hard Mode is one of the few modes in FNaF World.


Hard Mode is much different than that of Normal Mode. The differences are:

  • The enemies health, defense, and speed are higher than in Normal Mode.
    • They also appear more frequently, especially if it's either Seagoon or Gold Endo.
  • Allows the player to defeat Animdude after Security, which is in the red tent behind him.
  • The chance of a new challenger appearing has decreased.

Upon completing this mode, the player earns the Animdude trophy.

The gameplay is the same, as you can find the clocks like in Normal Mode. The enemies are the same. However, the bosses are extremely difficult.


Hard Mode is a difficult game mode, and therefore requires a couple of tips and tricks to complete.

  • Level up your characters as high as you can. This can help with stronger attacks.
  • Some Chips and Bytes can help through out the game.
    • Some good Chips to use are "Freddle:Fury", "Pizza:Fury", "Auto:Shield" and "Auto:Mimic".
    • Some good Bytes to use are the UFO and Eye bytes, as both can bring damage to a specific enemy (only Eye bytes for bosses).


More coming soon.

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