Grey Chests Are Easy To Locate In FNAF World.


  1. Headstart Strength
  • Go North Then East In Area 1 Until You See Auto Chipper After Defeating Him Go North
2.Headstart Defense
Same As Headstart Strength But Go South-East
3.Evercomet Weak
Go To Area 2 And Head South West And North To A Dead End, Then Enter West Then North To Fight Auto Chipper, Once Defeated Head North
4.Quickstart Party
Go To Area 3 And Head North-West Near The Crow On The Tree If You Walk Into The Tree On The West You Can Get It
5. Run Luck
Go To Area 4 And Go To The Checkpoint Button And To The Tree And Get The Chest
6. Headstart Speed
Go To Area 4 But Head South and You Will See Two Big Trees Go Behind Them And Get The Chip