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Glitching Objects are a series of flashing objects and core mechanics in FNaF World. They are the only way of entering the sub-tunnels that helps the player get to unreachable places, such as the Blacktomb Yard and the location of the Key.


Glitched Objects can appear to be many types of geometry you normally see in the given location. They appear to be flashing rapidly, as if lagging or glitching. Upon touching them, they lead to the Sub-Tunnels. Glitched Objects can also be found within Sub-Tunnels, bringing the player down another level. The graphics seem to both simplify and distort the more Glitched Objects the player enters, with the exception of the fourth Object. Upon entering that said fourth object, the graphics will drastically simplify in contrast to the other three, with everything being simpler, somewhat like the Overworld before Update 1, albeit the background is black and every sprite is colored red.

Note: Upon going four levels down, you will be stuck in the fourth sub-tunnel unable to leave, resulting in either talking to Old Man Consequences and getting the Fourth Glitch Ending or getting the Drowning Ending. These are the only two choices a player can make after entering the fourth Glitched Object, unless resetting the game counts.


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  • By Fredbear, it is believed that the "flipside" of the world has caused the amount of glitched objects to appear.