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FNaF World (Mobile) was the mobile port of the original FNaF World, released for Android on January 12, 2017, and was removed the following day. There was an iOS port planned, but after FNaF World's future updates being cancelled, it was never released. The only way to get the Android version is to look for an .apk file of it.


  • Some animations have been removed due to memory capacities like removing the animation of enemies and NPC's.
    • Idle Animations are very fast.
  • Freddy's walking is very slow, though it looks like it only affects older Android phones.
  • Fredbear's, 8-bit Fredbear's, Animdude's, and Baby's (Normal Mode Ending) dialogues have changed and renewed.
    • Most of them feature rather disliked or boring facts in and out of FNaF World, even a joke assuming the Bite the '87 victim.
  • Almost all of the OST's of the game are looped.
  • The enemies in the &*_ _ _TWRE area aren't photo negative.
  • In the Pinwheel Circus, it plays the Fazbear Hills music instead of the Pinwheel Circus music in PC.
  • In Pinwheel Funhouse, the map view isn't distorted.
  • Freddy In The OverWorld Moves Slow On Older Devices.


  • Some attacks do not work sometimes.
  • The game crashes at some point.
  • Enemies and Animatronics disappear sometimes even if they're not dead.
  • The main menu music doesn't play sometimes.
  • The victory theme still plays after a battle, including when running is successful.
  • If the player runs away from a challenger, that challenger is added in the party even if it was not defeated.
  • Save file data appears to delete itself sometimes if the game is closed a certain way.
  • The Game Will Show A Black Screen on Some Devices.


  • While most of the games of the franchise had between a few days and about 2 months to have a mobile version, the mobile version of FNaF World released almost a year after the release of the PC version.
  • After the port's release, many fans noticed how Scott disliked the game foretold in dialogue.
    • After that, the game was removed from mobile ports, saying Scott will not touch the game again.