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Because character quota.
— Endoplush's Loading Screen

Endoplush is the endoskeleton of Plushtrap, and one of the unlockable characters in FNaF World.


Endoplush is a very small endoskeleton, with a pair of green eyes and a pair of small antennae from the top of its head. It also has a green button on its chest.


NeonWallSummons a shield that will block 50% damage for a short period of time.
Eye BeamDeals medium damage to a single enemy. Has a chance to do a critical damage which deals about 1000-1200 damage.
Waterhose 2Kills all enemies under 50% health.


Endoplush is an interesting character to use. Like Withered Bonnie, he has Eye Beam which can do a wide range of damage to an enemy in front of it, usually ranging from 100 to 1200. In order for Eye Beam to be effective, try to play Endoplush in the 3rd spot in the party to ensure it hits a target.

Like Endo-2, he has Neon Wall which is important for the final boss or glitched worlds, as it blocks the Alarm attack used by the final bosses and the glitched enemies. Neon Wall also raises the characters defenses, blocking 50% damage for thirty seconds.

Finally, Waterhose 2 can destroy enemies that are below 50% health, making it really useful against groups of enemies that has taken lots of damage.







  • Endoplush is the shortest character in the game, with Nightmare being considered the largest.
  • Endoplush is one of two characters with Neon Wall, which is highly recommended for the final boss(es), but not required if the "Auto:Shield" chip is in play.
  • As its name implies, it is the endoskeleton of Plushtrap.
  • From the text on its loading screen, it's safe to assume that Endoplush was only added to help fill the character list. Despite this,Scott could've easily filled this final slot with either Withered Golden Freddy or Nightmare Mangle, who are both strangely missing from the game even after Update 2, without having to create an additional character.
  • Endoplush is the only playable character to have never appeared in the Five Nights at Freddy's series.
    • Funtime Foxy had technically never appeared in the series either until Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location was released.
      • However, the FNaF World version of Funtime Foxy is implied to be an intact version of Mangle, whereas the Sister Location version is implied to be a separate animatronic.
    • In update 1.20, Animdude, Mr. Chipper, and Coffee were added to this list as well.
  • Endoplush is one of the seven characters that can be fought in &*_ _ _TWRE, the others being Nightmare Bonnie, Crying Child, Springtrap, Plushtrap, Withered Chica and RWQFSFASXC.
  • Endoplush is the only endoskeleton character whose body parts do not detach when attacking. Instead, it simply jumps.
  • Endoplush is the only character to have Waterhose 2; however, it can be used via Prize Ball 2.