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Not as cute, but more useful.
— Endo-02's Loading Screen

Endo-02 is an endoskeleton and one of the unlockable characters in FNaF World.


Endo-02's has almost an identical appearance to his counterpart, endoskeleton, from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 but smaller and "cuter". The wires from his original core series character are missing, and the endoskeleton frame is much simpler.


Speed SongTemporarily increases the party's speed.
Endo ArmySummons three temporary endoskeletons with lasers that damages enemies over time.
NeonWallSummons a shield that will block 50% damage for a short period of time.


Endo-02 is a really good character by itself. He has Speed Song which can increase the speed for all characters for 1 minute (useless if using a Speed Chip). Like Endo-01, he can also summon endoskeletons using Endo Army to deal huge damage to enemies over time.

One of Endo-02's interesting attacks is Neon Wall, which is a important attack for the final boss or in glitch worlds. Neon wall can block 50% damage for all characters, but prevents Alarm Balls from destroying them. However, the Neon Wall only last for 30 seconds or when hit by the Alarm Balls 10 times. If the ones do not have the Auto Shield Chip, then either him or Endo-Plush must be required to survive.





  • Like Endoplush it is recommended that the player has Endo-02 in their party as the Neon Wall move can block the Alarm move used by Security, Scott Cawthon, _!2222, Jangle, Neon, and P. Goon. Though it is not required as the player can use the Auto:Shield chip instead to get the same result.
  • Despite being Endo-02, the Endo Army summons the Endo-01s.
    • This is most likely due to the assets for the attack are only of Endo-01.
  • Endo-02's core game counterpart has three toes on its feet, however, in FNaF World it is shown with two toes, the same that Endo-01 has.
  • Endo-02's attack animation is similar to Endo 01's in that his body parts detach. In Endo-02's case, however, he bends over and all that's left of him afterwards is the backbone and the legs.
  • Endo-02 is the only Endo character that does not have any buttons.
  • Endo-02 has an endoskeleton similar to that of Withered Foxy's endoskeleton.
    • This would make sense, seeing Withered Foxy was out-of-order, so the managers or repairmen could be using it for parts.