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Bubba is one of the several bosses encountered in FNaF World. He is a giant animatronic bear, residing in Pinwheel Funhouse, guarding the exit of the maze.


Bubba has a similar appearance to Freddy Fazbear and Porkpatch, but is patched up with a 'windup toy' design, with a clockwork key spinning on his back. He sports Frankenstein-styled plugs on his bottom jaw and heels. He has two buck teeth on the top and a normal set of teeth on the bottom.


Basic red bubble attackDeals large amounts of damage to a single party member.
Stuns all party members for a few seconds.





  • Bubba is one of the four bosses appearing in the "Merry Christmas!" image, the three others are Browboy, Porkpatch, and Mad Endo.
  • Bubba's name resembles a boss of a game Scott Cawthon has made, called Use Holy Water!.
  • Bubba is very hard to fight, because of its ability to use jumpscare. Once stunned, Bubba will then take out any character level 15 or lower in a single hit.
  • Bubba has a design similar to Bruce, building version from Chipper and Sons. Lumber Co..


  • On extremely rare occasions, once the player defeats Bubba, an invisible Bubba will reappear and continue the battle. The player can still attack the invisible Bubba, though it is pointless due to invisible Bubba's enhanced strength and defense.
    • The player will not receive their EXP when they respawn.

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