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Were you looking for Bouncepot's stronger counterpart, Graveweed?

Bouncepot is one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World. It is encountered in Fazbear Hills.


Bouncepot has the appearance of a onion-looking plant with a spiraled stem, two waving "arms," and flies that swirl on either side of it. Its eyes are black with white pupils, and it's entirely tainted green. Its pot looks like a beehive, but has a wooden texture.


Basic white bash attackDeals low damage to a single party member.


  • Bouncepot is often considered the easiest enemy in the game.
  • Bouncepot also has the lowest Hit Points in the game, at estimate of 20 Hit Points.
  • In the Mobile Version, at the end of the Clock Ending, Bouncepot reveals themselves as the alleged perpetrator of the Bite of '87. This is most likely a joke by Scott about the wild theories that fans have created to explain the Bite.

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