A completive list of every attack seen in FNaF World.

The Battle Theme.

Battle Theme


Orange (Basic)

Orange moves are basic attacks.

AttackDescriptionUsers PowerAppearance
Mic tossDamages a single enemy. 10 + 1 in 5
Hook buttonDeals low damage to a single enemy. 15 + 1 in 5 SwipeAttack
Bite buttonDamages two enemies. 20 + 1 in 5
Bite 2Massively damages two enemies. 200 + 1 in 50

Blaze Orange (Overpowered)

Blaze orange attacks are overpowered attacks that are exclusive to the Update 2 characters.

AttackDescriptionUsers PowerAppearance
Jack-O-BombsThrows large amounts of pumpkins at the enemies, doing massive damage multiple times.
  • Jack-O-Bonnie
  • Jack-O-Chica
1 in 1000 Jackobomb
BuzzsawatkThrows a buzzsaw at enemies that does incredibly high damage.
  • Jack-O-Chica
  • Mr. Chipper
999 x 1 in 10 Buzzsaw
Balloons2Summons a large amount of balloons.
  • Nightmare BB
(Power) x 2 + 50 GreenBalloonRedBalloonBlueBalloonYellowBalloon

Yellow (Miscellaneous)

Yellow moves are miscellaneous attacks/moves.

Prize BallPerforms a random basic attack:

  • Birthday
  • Munchies
  • Waterhose
  • Cupcake
  • Jumpscare
  • Hot Cheese (Puts 4 globs instead of 3)
  • Poppers (Explode instantly)
Prize Ball 2Performs a random advanced attack:

  • Waterhose 2
  • Pizza Wheel 2
  • Balloons (Swarms 5 instead of 3)
  • Rainy day 2
  • Freddles
  • Gloom Balloon
  • Toxic Balloon
  • Unscrew 2
  • Poppers (Explode instantly)
Mystery BoxSwaps out all party members for random characters. They go back to normal after the battle is over.
Mystery Box 2Swaps out all party members for random stronger characters. They go back to normal after the battle is over.
Mimic BallSummons a temporary mimic that duplicates any attacks used. MimicBallMimicBallActivatedVirtua freddy attack
Endo ArmySummons three temporary endoskeletons with lasers that damages enemies over time.
NeonWallSummons a shield that will block 50% damage for a short period of time.
Neon wall
Gift BoxesPuts a gift-box at the feet of each party member. When they die, it will automatically bring them back to life with full health.
HauntingSummons a ghostly Freddy Fazbear that has a possibility of freezing an opponent for a short time.
Haunting freddy
Esc keyThis attack can insta-kill more than one enemy, but it has a lower chance than Unscrew.
HocusPocusChance to transform enemies into weaker enemies.
  • Mr. Chipper
  • Purple Guy

Pink (Heal)

Pink moves are healing moves.

AttackDescriptionUsers AmountAppearance
Happy JamHeals party instantly.
  • Bonnie
(Power) x 2 + 30 + 1 in 20 To be added.
Happy Jam 2Greatly heals party instantly. (Power) + 75 x 2 + 30 + 1 + 20 To be added.
Cupcake (Attack)Heals all party members. (Power) x 2 + 30 + 1 in 10
Party FavorsHeals party instantly and damages all enemies.
  • Chica
  • Toy Freddy
Damage to enemies:

(Level) + 1 in 5 + 1


(Level) + 1

To be added.
Regen SongHeals the party over time.
  • Chica
  • Fredbear
Amount depends on area.

Fazbear Hills: 1

Choppy's Woods: 2


BubblebreathProtects party from toxic effect.
  • Nightmarionne
  • Nightmare BB
None 5708

Red (AOE)

Red moves are AOE attacks/powerful attacks.

Pizza WheelDamages all enemies multiple times.
  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Withered Bonnie
Pizza Wheel 2Massively damages all enemies multiple times.
  • Phantom Mangle
  • Nightmare Bonnie
(Power) + 20
Bash JamDamages all enemies.
  • Bonnie
  • Toy Bonnie
(Power) + 1 in 20 To be added.
JumpscareStuns all enemies for a few seconds. Basic enemies:

2 + 1 in 7 seconds
1 + 1 in 3 seconds

Hot CheesePuts 3 globs of hot cheese on the floor, doing damage over time to enemies. (Level) + 2 + 1 in 4 + 3 HotCheeseMelt
More to be added soon.
Hot Cheese 2Puts 7 globs of hot cheese on the floor, doing massive damage over time to enemies.
  • Withered Foxy
  • Phantom Marionette
  • Nightmare Foxy

(Level) + 50 + 1 in 4 + 3

More to be added soon.
BalloonsSummons 3 balloons, each one damaging an enemy once.
  • Balloon Boy
  • JJ
((Power) + 1 in 3 + 5) x 1 in 4 + 1 GreenBalloonRedBalloonBlueBalloonYellowBalloon
Munchies (Attack)Summons a small trap-like animatronic for each enemy.

It will bite it three times

before disappearing.

  • Toy Bonnie
  • Balloon Boy
(Power) + 5 + 1 in 5 Munchies
FreddlesSummons a stampede of Freddles that massively damages all enemies multiple times.
  • Nightmare Freddy
  • Nightmare Fredbear
(Power) + 1 in 10 + 20
PoppersSummons a random amount of poppers.

They will explode when there are a lot of them.

  • Mangle
  • JJ
((Power) + 50 + 1 in 50) + 1 in 5 PoppersActivate
SpringlocksSummons a replica of Spring Bonnie's head that does massive AOE damage. (Power) + 1 + 1 in 1000 + 200
Spring-Bonnie head?
Eye BeamDeals medium damage to a single enemy. Has a chance to do a critical damage which deals about 1000-1200 damage.
  • Withered Bonnie
  • Endoplush
((Power) x 2) + 50 + 1 in 30 + (1 in 11 / 10) * 1000)
Mega BiteDeals an incredible amount of damage to enemies.
  • Fredbear
  • Nightmare Fredbear
  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare BB
300 + ((Power) x 2) + 1 in 100
NeonWall2Puts a wall by makes allies invincible for 5 seconds.
  • Coffee
MegaVirusPuts a status effect that slowly drains large amounts of life.
  • Animdude
  • Coffee
99 x 1 in 10

Green (Poison)

Green moves are mostly poison attacks.

AttackDescriptionUsers PowerAppearance
Toxic BiteDamages and poisons two enemies. 25 + 1 in 25
Toxic Bite 2Massively damages and poisons two enemies. 150 + (Power) + 1 in 50
Toxic BalloonPoisons a single enemy. None PoisonBalloon
Bad PizzaMassively damages all enemies.
  • Nightmare Chica
  • Plushtrap
(Power) + 1 in 700 + 1

Purple (Enemy Stats)

Purple moves decrease enemy stats.

AttackDescriptionUsers PowerAppearance
Gloom BalloonTemporarily decreases the attack power of a single enemy.
  • Phantom BB
Gloom SongTemporarily decreases all enemies attack power. None
SludgeTemporarily decreases all enemies speed.
  • Phantom Freddy
  • Phantom Chica
  • Nightmare Freddy
  • Plushtrap
None AnotherCloudGooDisappear
Rainy DayTemporarily decreases all enemies defense.
  • Phantom Freddy
  • Withered Foxy
  • Phantom BB
  • Springtrap
None DarkCloudCloudDisappear
Rainy Day 2Temporarily decreases all enemies defense and damages all enemies multiple times.
  • Nightmare Bonnie
  • Nightmare
  • Golden Freddy
(Power) + 1 in 5 + 5 DarkCloudLightningCloudDisappear
SlasherThrows an 8-bit sword that has a 1/10 chance of dealing 99999 damage.
  • Jack-O-Bonnie
  • Purple Guy
1 in 10 chance to do 99999 damage Slasherknife
4thwallatkPowerful attack that pierces through defense.
  • Animdude
  • Nightmarionne
3000 + 1 in 3000 4thWall

Black (Insta-Kill)

Black moves have a chance to insta-kill.

Unscrew30% chance to insta-kill one enemy.
  • JJ
  • Phantom Chica
  • Phantom Foxy
  • Shadow Freddy
Unscrew 250% chance to insta-kill one enemy.
  • Withered Bonnie
  • Nightmare Foxy
WaterhoseKills enemies under 30% health.
  • Toy Chica
  • Nightmare Chica
  • Shadow Freddy
Waterhose 2Kills enemies under 50% health.
  • Endoplush

White (Boost)

White moves are mostly stat boosts.

AttackDescriptionUsers PowerAppearance
BirthdayTemporarily increases attack power, defense, and speed.
  • Toy Chica
  • Freddy Fazbear
Power SongTemporarily increases the party's attack power.
  • Endo-01
  • Crying Child
Armor SongTemporarily increases the party's defense.
  • Endo-01
  • Crying Child
Speed SongTemporarily increases the party's speed.
  • Toy Freddy
  • Endo-02
  • Purpleguy
Cosmic SongCalls down a flurry of comets (about 12).
  • Funtime Foxy
  • Spring Bonnie
25 + (Power) + (Comet pwr) To be added soon.

Enemy Exclusive Attacks

Attack Description Users
Basic attacks Can do any amount of damage. In terms of appearance, all the basic attacks are:
  • White bash
  • Blue bash
  • Red bash
  • Blue tackle
  • Red tackle
  • Blue bubble
  • Red bubble
  • Lightning
  • a "hook" attack
  • a "bite" attack
  • a "bite 2" attack
All enemies and bosses, except Chica's Magic Rainbow
Stuns all party members for a few seconds. Redbear

White Rabbit

Geist Lair


Auto Chipper



Chipper's Revenge

Decreases the attack power of all party members and negates the effects of Gift Boxes and Neon Wall. Boxbyte




Mad Endo

Launches an amount of balloons that deal a random amount of damage (launches 4 instead of 3). Flan



Summons an amount of melted cheese that deals damage over time (puts 5 globs instead of 3). Crabapple


Gold Endo


Summons an amount of snowballs that can give high damage. Meringue


Geist Lair




Chipper's Revenge

Poisons all party members. The poison deals damage over time. On Chipper's Revenge and the Geist Lair enemies' case, it has a chance of instantly kill all party members, but is unlikely. Gearrat

Geist Lair enemies



Chipper's Revenge

Kills all party members under 30% health. Collosal


Geist Lair




Chipper's Revenge

Insta-kills one party member. Tombstack




This attack can insta-kill more than one party member, but it has a lower chance than Unscrew. Blacktrap


Geist Lair




Chipper's Revenge

Sends out five flashing balls that deals 9999 damage to independent party members. Can instantly kill them. Can be blocked by Neon Wall, the chip "Auto:Shield" or Neon Wall 2. _!2222

Geist Lair



Animdude (has neither sound nor warning and spawns

only 3)

4rth wall
Deals 400 or more damage to all party members and pierces through defense. Can instantly kill them. Only blocked by Neon Wall 2. %_^^&(

Geist Lair



Chipper's Revenge

Mini Rainbow Chica's Magic Rainbow summons smaller versions of itself that slowly floats towards the party. If one reaches the party, it will instantly kill a single party member. Can be broken by 4th Wall, Mega Virus, Buzzsaw and Neon Wall 2. Chica's Magic Rainbow
Raibow Cannon Takes three minutes to charge. Once fully charged, Chica's Magic Rainbow unleashes a rainbow-colored beam that deals multiple 99999 hits to the player's party. Unblockable and causes an instant Game Over. Chica's Magic Rainbow

Status Effects

Status Name Effect What attacks do this effect
PowerUp Attack Up Increases the damage attacks do.
  • Power Song
  • Birthday
2383 Attack Down Decreases the damage attacks do.
  • Gloom
  • Gloom Song
  • Gloom Balloon
SpeedUp Speed Up Decreases the time between attacks.
  • Birthday
  • Speed Song
  • Happy Jam
  • Happy Jam 2
DefenseDown Defense Down Decreases defensive properties.
  • Rainy Day
  • Rainy Day 2
DefenseUp Defense Up Increases defensive properties.
  • Birthday
  • Armor Song
SpeedDown Speed Down Increases the time between attacks.
  • Sludge
Regeneration Note Regeneration Heals during battle.
  • Regen Song
Poison Hurts enemies every turn if they have the status effect.
  • Toxic Bite
  • Toxic Bite 2
  • Toxic Balloon
Stun Doesn't allow the enemy to use attacks.
  • Jumpscare
Virus Greatly hurts enemies every turn if they have the status effect.
  • Mega Virus
Bubble Nullifies the toxic effect.
  • Bubble Breath


Character Attack Animations



  • (Power) is the attack power the current animatronic can do. It is determined by (Level), multiplied by X times.
    • The "multiplier's" value is not currently known what is determined by. (possibly the Power boost)
    • (Level) is the current attacker's level.
  • (Comet pwr) is 100 constant, the last few comets having 0 Comet pwr.
  • If Mimic Ball mimics Balloons or Balloons 2 after no enemies are left on screen, the balloons bounce around before exiting out the bottom of the screen.
  • The Gift Box texture can be seen in one of Scott's games, Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.
  • When using Prize Ball or Prize Ball 2, the ball can open if timed correctly at the end of the battle and won't produce an attack.
    • However, if an attack is produced and the game switches back to the 3D World in the middle of the attack's animation, the game will freeze.
      • A Mimic Ball can cause this, too.
        • Sometimes, The attack animation WILL just show in the background and the game will not freeze. However, until the player closes the game, this will KEEP showing.
  • When using Jumpscare, it makes the scream from the first Five Nights at Freddy's, but it is cut half-way.
  • Some moves don't seem to fit their colors or aren't in the proper colors.
    • Bad Pizza is a green move, yet it doesn't poison.
    • Bubble Breath is a pink move, yet it doesn't heal.
    • Esc key is an insta-kill move, but it's a yellow move, and not a black one.
    • Cosmic song is an AOE attack move, but it's a white move, and not a red one.
    • Neon Wall 2 is a shield move just like its weaker counterpart, but it's a red move, and not a yellow one.
    • 4th Wall is an AOE attack, but it's a purple move, and not a red one.
    • Slasher is an insta-kill move (to most enemies), yet it's a purple move, and not a black one.
  • Some of the attacks appear to be only for one character.
    • Endoplush is the only playable character that has the "Waterhose 2" attack.
    • Phantom BB is the only playable character that has the "Toxic Balloon" and "Gloom Balloon" attack.
    • Nightmare Freddy was the only playable character that has the "Freddles" attack.
      • This however has been changed in update 2 since Nightmare Fredbear now has the "Freddles" attack.
    • Bonnie is the only playable character that has the "Happy Jam" attack.
    • Nightmare BB is the only playable character that has the "Balloons 2" attack.
    • Coffee is the only playable character that has the "Neon Wall 2" attack.
  • There appears to be an unused attack in the game: "Toxic Song". It is unknown what it is or who does it belong to.
    • Although it is most likely to cause poison, as most of the green attacks give out poison.
    • It's likely that this attack was meant to be given to Phantom Freddy as he's a singer and also phantoms commonly give out poison attacks. This attack could also be meant to be given to Springtrap or Phantom Mangle, as their intact counterparts, Spring Bonnie and Funtime Foxy, are the only characters with Cosmic Song.
  • Animdude is the only playable character who does not have an attack animation.

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