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The glitched area, called the &*_ _ _TWRE, is a special, optional area in FNaF World. It is only accessed via specific means. In this area, only specific items may be interacted with whereas the rest will simply be walked over, including things like trees, rocks, characters, and chests. There are, however, invisible walls that prevent the player from exploring the whole map from a given entrance.

To enter the area, the player must find a special item in the overworld that acts as the entrance to the glitched area. Then, for each entrance, the player must continuously walk into a specific object for 2-3 seconds until they "glitch" into the scenery. The first access point is Yellow Bird (changed to a seagull in the 1.1 update) on the stump close to the Choppy's Woods jump point. Another access point is a rock near the dancing figure in Dusting Fields, past the fight with Bouncer. The final access point is located in Blacktomb Yard, by walking into the gravestone directly above the bottom left gravestone.

To exit the area, walk back to the entrance from the north.

The area's theme is Pinwheel Circus' theme played backwards, and it is the only area where the player can encounter the Glitched Enemies. The battle background is also photo-negative, just like the enemies.






  • Surprisingly, the only inaccessible area is Scott Cawthon's area, unless The Load Screen Glitch takes place, allowing you to travel through the red tent past Security, and access one of the ending bosses, Scott Cawthon.
  • The backdrop of a battle in &*_ _ _TWRE is an invert-colored version of the one in Dusting Fields.
  • The Theme to &*_ _ _TWRE is a reversed version of the Pinwheel Funhouse theme

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